I would like you to meet Tommy Schreiber. He is literally the biggest shit talker nobody youll ever run into. He acts tough on the internet for attention and when things get to real he makes threats and blocks people and calls them haters because they dont stroke his obviously overcompensated ego. Tommy makes many extremely embellished claims. Some of them are flat out made up.

I think Tommy has rejected the reality of the world and has substituted his own as this is his fuel for his shit talking alongside his starving for attention. Tommy is 100% a joke. Nothing he says holds any weight. He is literally a joke and the laughing stock of automotive. Do not let this person or his shop anywhere near your car. You will regret it.

He has publicly called out Aaron Gregory and his 7.5x second 1G DSM, Jeff Bush and his 7.3x second 1G DSM, and even Devin Shultz and his 7.3x second 2G DSM but has never attempted to reach out to those individuals to setup said race. Tommy has also made claims that after running through that list of the top 3 heavy hitters in the DSM community with his 2G DSM that he calls "Bullet Train" he is going to run a 6 second quarter mile time.

If you have any screenshots of Tommy undoubtedly acting like a fool then please send them to sales@schreiberperformance.com. Yeah i own that to.

Tommy running his mouth about a grudge race hell never show up to. Hes raised the bet from 2K to 5K then to pinks. Mind you this is on a picture of a transmission hes posted the same image of for like 5 days straight talking shit.

Here is Tommys business Yelp page. As you can see hes got raving reviews.

Schreiber Performance on Yelp!

Dont do drugs. Im not sure what Tommys drug of choice be but i would guess its either cocaine, crack, meth, opiates, or other pills. Anyway here is more delusiuons from a tweaked out clown.

Tommy putting the Red Demon on notice? Tommys best is 11 seconds in the 1/4 while the red demons is 7.3 in the 1/4. Im sure they are shook.

Hes going around blasting how hes has 2 degrees in tuning. First off there is no such thing. He got a certificate of completion from EFI University for their EFI-101 class. This is a intro class to electronic fuel injection. Its not by any longshot a fucking degree or certifying you as a tuner. Hes also stated that his degrees are from the same people that tune all of the street outlaws cars. Also a boldface lie. That would be... umm.. Third party coat tail riding. EFI-U trained the street outlaws guys who switched their cars over to EFI as they were all on carbs before. Ben Strader isnt their tuner.

Tuff Tommy gonna sue Mitsu over Diaqueen.

Acting like a tough guy on the internet then backing down like the bitch that he is.

Well just leave this here. If we go by trending events he said he was gonna destroy everyone at the 2017 shootout. He never showed his face.

This is one of the original post where Tommy was first revealed.

This is Tommy commenting on a post made by Magnus Motorsports about their dry sump kit.

Here is Tommy shooting off like he always does.